Playground for creative people.

Web artisans by birth. We stand for innovation and development. Consider us explorers. Our goal is to establish the future. Sweat streams from our faces, trying to solve the equations. Passion in our hearts for development. Bloodstains on our fingertips from vigorous coding. We are WebCaptain and we turn concept into system.

The golden triangle

The futures moves fast, that’s because we are on it. We are levering web solutions by the latest technologies. We combine human dynamics and emotions, Artificial Intelligence and decentralised data structures to create the next level solutions.

Web Development

The surface area of all our work. It’s where our concept starts and the showcase of our final product. Streamlined usability with thought-through functionality. 

Bots and A.I.

It collects what we tell it to collect, learns what we want it to learn and does what we want it to do. We love our assistant because once it’s live, we can sip coffee and enjoy the results.


It serves as public storage for many of our applications. Because who doesn’t like securely validated data that is widely accesible on every device and application? We sure do!

What do we work on?

Our innovations

  • The dream of every developer is to build products they feel personally passionate about. To seak personal challenges. Implement unfamiliar techniques. Build what they believe in. Those are our core value. We build what we love and we love our own innovations.

Your project

  • We are easy to convince. Tell us about your project. Whether it's a concept, prototype or already working product. We are happy to assist you by thinking along and helping a hand with our code-eagerly hands.

E-Commerce solutions

Our experience is as wide and wild as it gets. We have developed over a hundred webshops. From cars, clothing and cryptocurrencies to Instagram followers and hosting plans. Not only did we integrate payment services such as PayPal, in fact, we have build a custom payment network.


What use does an application have if it's features are only accesible within the application itself? We build and integrate various API's. This way each system can operate on what it's intented to operate on while other systems can do their own work.


"Whoops, something went wrong!" is not the type of message you want to see on your live application. We implement unit-testing, code quality controls, version management and data back-up. But how do you know whether your users know how to use your application? We know that because we also do A/B tests, create heathmaps and track conversions.

Need our expertise or wish to collaborate?

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Development with WebCaptain is more than coding alone. We brainstorm about innovative inventions. Some small and simple others complex which could change our world. We take a double-look at the things we do and we ask ourselves “What do we need to improve?”. The biggest reward for a developer is to develop products you are personally involved with – products based on a concept that you have personally helped to create.

Jim Brouwer

Full-stack Developer

We brainstorm, we learn, we develop, we improve

General expertise

Web Development

Custom web applications
Laravel PHP Framework
And more…

Bots and A.I.

Trading bots
Market analysis
User profiling
Automated order processing
E-mail marketing tools
Data verification and processing
Social media automation
And more…


Smart contracts
Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG)
Payment verification tool
Wallet implementation
Block Explorers
And more…